Mkgt, viable technology, scalable and secure


Mkgt software was developed with Microsoft Visual Studio tools.

It is based on a Sql Server database, recognized among the three market leaders.

Mkgt is being migrated. NET, Microsoft's latest technology.

Mkgt derives benefits from the wealth of Sql Server (stored procedures, triggers, optimizations ...), and ensures unmatched response times, even during peak loads, thanks to the ADO technology.

The technology built into SQL Server, provides security, scalability, transactional, and provides services to developments around the base Mkgt, Reporting tools (SQL Reporting Services).

Prerequisites: Installing Mkgt, requires few resources and can fit on a single server.


As an example, consider a company with four remote sites with the following volumes:

  • 1200 bills and 800 purchases a month
  • 3000 + customers
  • 100 + vehicles
  • More than 100 drivers
  • + 7 000 procedures per month

Based Mkgt occupy only 1.8 GB for an activity of nearly 10 years, with unparalleled response time.


Windows environment:

  • Windows 2000 server and more
  • Client: Windows 2000, XP and more


  • Server: 500 MB RAM, 5 GB of disk
  • Client: 256 MB RAM, 1 GB hard

Deployment modes:

  • Local: TCP / IP, ...
  • Remote: Terminal Server, Citrix ...