Overview Mkgt

Your group, company, agency or site wishes to redesign or optimize its information system in the trade waste recycling with a real tool to:

Manage and control all activity:

  • Commercial activity
  • Customer contracts
  • The activity of providing industrial waste
  • The activity of sorting and recycling centers
  • The activity of MPS Sales and Trading

To ensure flexibility and usability for users:

  • Providing more customized services to clients
  • Easy access to information
  • In compliance with your organization
  • Control over the activity

Optimize the administrative and commercial tasks:

  • Secure sharing of information
  • Real-time responsiveness

To optimize the human and material resources:

  • Analysis and monitoring real-time activity
  • Meeting Regulatory Requirements

To maximize productivity:

  • Analysis of farm accounts
  • Flow analysis
  • Multiple statistics and reporting
  • Helps the development of optimization measures



The software responds Mkgt conclusively to all these objectives.

Mkgt proven for nearly 10 years in the business of collecting and recycling waste.

It was developed in the field, with input from a diverse expertise of recycling professionals from different backgrounds.

Mkgt course has integrated the evolution of this profession (geolocation, weighbridge, waste tracking, law ...).


Mkgt and your tools

MKGT software has a flexible interface allowing communication / information transfer on third party applications: accounting software, payroll software, weighbridge, fuel terminal and of course Microsoft Office tools.

Accounting software / management:

  • Transfer and integration of third party customers, suppliers, carriers, etc.
  • Transfer of accounting records: single transfer debit / credit account book
  • Commercial record transfer: transfer invoice lines and retail purchases

Payroll Software:

  • Impression of activity records
  • Create formatted text file or Excel


  • Weighing module natively
  • Flexible interface with weighing terminals

Fuel terminal:

  • Module for monitoring consumption
  • Interface terminal
  • Integration of text files written by the supplier


  • Barcode reader